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Valve Mounting Hardware — Bracket & Linkage

butterfly-valve-torque_largeBeck offers valve mounting hardware to adapt your Beck actuator to just about any quarter-turn rotary valve. Some applications require a direct-couple arrangement where the valve stem and actuator output shaft are coupled together with a rigid coupling. Applications that may not be well suited for direct-couple mounting arrangements can utilize a bracket and linkage arrangement. The typical bracket and linkage arrangement consists of a gusseted right angle bracket that is mounted to the face of the valve, a valve stem lever arm, a linkage connection between the Beck crank arm and valve stem lever arm, and assorted fasteners/hardware.

While a direct-couple arrangement limits the actuator travel to 90 degrees, a bracket and linkage arrangement allows the actuator to travel 100 degrees. This provides an inherent mechanical advantage when operating a 90 degree valve.

In many butterfly valve applications the seating/unseating torque requirement is higher than the torque required throughout the remainder of travel. This allows you to utilize a bracket and linkage arrangement characterized to deliver more torque at the valve seat. The result is the ability to provide a more cost effective actuation solution, since your rated actuator torque can be much less than the torque required to seat the valve.

Crank Arm / Linkage Configurations Valve / drive assemblies may be specified with crank arm and linkage mounting arrangement. This design allows 100° drive travel, thus providing variable torque distribution and increased seating effectiveness.

  • With linkage characterization, high seating torques can be obtained for certain valve types, most commonly on butterfly valves. Click on the variable torque bracket and linkage arrangement diagram shown here.
  • Standard bracket and linkage mounting hardware is available for most popular valve types.
  • Custom mountings are easily handled allowing Beck drives to be economically mounted to virtually any rotary valve.
  • Link-Assist™ computer program helps you specify the ideal arrangement for your application.
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