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Group 57 Rotary Valve Actuator

Explosion Proof Valve Actuator with DC Power Options

Available Torque and Timing combinations for the MODEL 57-209


stroke time*

250 14 (DC voltage)
250 20 (AC voltage)
* Minor speed limitations may occur at low supply voltages.

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

The Group 57 valve actuators are a great choice for valve actuation in remote, hazardous environments. In addition to running on AC power, the group 57 units are also DC powered electric actuators, explosion proof and therefore perfect for situations where explosive gases are present. These valve actuators reset to a fail-safe position during power outages and are great for low power environments such as a gas pipeline using solar power, batteries and fuel cells. Built with your need for flexibility in mind, Beck reliability standards and a rugged construction design for harsh environments.