Mechanical Engineer

Job Description

  • Engineer and design mechanical assemblies for new product development and product enhancements
  • Formulate/implement test plans, perform evaluation testing, and analyze results
  • Provide ongoing engineering product support
  • Initiate and execute productive R&D efforts (exploring new technologies)
  • Write product documentation including product design specifications, project logs, test reports, instruction manuals, and design evaluations
  • Perform team/project leadership duties
  • Mentor junior Engineers and Designers

Experience Requirements

  • 15+ years experience with mechanical applications
  • Solid theoretical background required
  • Experience in the following areas:
    • SolidWorks and 3D CAD systems
    • Mechanical and electromechanical systems; applying principles of mechanics – force, friction, inertia, work, etc…
    • Casting design and specific casting methods
    • Prototype techniques for verification testing and evaluations
    • Manufacturing practices and environments
    • Proficient with Word/Excel
    • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) in Solidworks desirable
  • Ability to multi-task and a desire to work in a “hands-on” environment
  • Proven communication skills and professional qualities such as initiative and organization.
  • Effectiveness in team product development as well as performing assignments individually
  • Capable of lifting and moving equipment up to 50 lbs.

Educational Requirements

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Harold Beck & Sons Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer