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Ethanol Blending Optimization

Ethanol Blending Optimization


The ethanol blending process is a critical part of petrol terminal operation and has a significant impact on product quality, meeting environmental regulations and profitability. Optimising the processis very important, but does present some control challenges. For example,thermal expansion of petrol and ethanol do not occur at the same rate, and the blended mixture has to beisolated from water due to ethanol’s miscibility in water. For these reasons, many terminals blend in real time while loading directly into thetanker trucks, but the required control strategy does not allowmuch room for problems or inconsistencies. Getting the needed control begins with accurate, consistent and reliable valve actuation. Click the link to read more…

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Group 75 Compact Rotary Actuators


  • Temperature Rating up to 250°F (120°C)
  • 100% Continuous Modulating Duty
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Positioning to 0.10%
  • Maintenance Free
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Designed, Built, & Tested in the USA


Beck’s new compact rotary actuator is an evolutionary design that combines the performance, reliability and control advantages of Beck actuators with an extremely efficient and flexible form factor. The design is smaller and lighter than the Group 11 and more robust than the Group 31. It also incorporates technologies that allow for an optional high temperature version rated for 250˚F(120˚C). This far exceeds Beck’s standard ratings of185˚F (85˚C) for the Group 11 and 150˚F for the Group31. The high temperature capabilities and efficient,flexible packaging make the Group 75 ideal for space restricted, hot environments typical of boiler windbox applications. It is also well suited to small rotary valve applications in tight spaces. The new actuator shares electronics and firmware with existing Beck products. This interchangeability of electronics keeps critical spare parts common with existing Beck actuators.It also means that all the latest Beck configuration, setup and diagnostic features are available as well.

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Beck Enters Nuclear Industry Alliance With AZZ


Harold Beck and Sons Inc is pleased to announce its alliance with AZZ | NLI. This agreement makes Beck electric actuators available to all areas of nuclear power plants.

AZZ | NLI is the largest third party, nuclear industry supplier of safety-related equipment in the world. AZZ | NLI’s experience and ability to supply complete engineered solutions sets them apart.

This alliance brings the quality, reliability, precise control and low maintenance advantages of Beck electric actuators to nuclear valve and damper applications around the world. A safety qualification program is underway.

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Drop-in Replacement for 3-Phase Actuators


Group 11 control valve actuators and damper drives are now offered with an integral transformer for 208, 380, 415, 480, or 575 VAC power.

Beck drives are designed for high efficiency and only require a single phase 120 VAC operating voltage.

Although many control and power consumption benefits can be realized from using 120 VAC power, when replacing a typical electric actuator with a Beck drive 120 VAC power is not always available at the site. Additional labor time and installation costs could be incurred if new power wiring must be run.

The Beck introduction of the new integral transformer option eliminates those potential installation costs. Retrofitting a Group 11 Beck drive into an existing electric actuator application is now a true drop-in installation even if the existing actuator uses 3-phase power source.

Contact Beck for different voltage requirements.

Beck Actuators Qualify for the ARRA


All Beck Electric actuators and damper drives for industrial process control valves and dampers qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) “Buy American” mandate. To meet the highest standards in the industry, Beck manufactures all its valve actuators and damper drives in one state-of-the-art, integrated factory in Newtown, PA, USA. Castings and most materials are also sourced locally to insure the highest level of quality control.

Foundation Fieldbus


Beck is pleased to announce the successful completion of Foundation Fieldbus Interoperability testing of the Digital Control Module (DCM). As a result, Beck’s line of electric actuators is now available with a Foundation Fieldbus interface further expanding the existing HART and RS-232 digital communications options.

The Fieldbus capable DCM retains all the features of the original DCM including simple actuator setup/configuration, diagnostics, and an advanced position control algorithm. For more information on the Beck Foundation Fieldbus option please visit the Fieldbus Foundation website at www.fieldbus.org or contact a Beck Sales Engineer.

Profibus PA


Beck is pleased to announce the certification of its Profibus PA Digital Control Module (DCM), and associated EDD and GSD files. The most popular fieldbus in the world according to Profibus International statistics is now available as a Beck actuator interface option. In addition to new actuators, most existing actuators can be easily retrofit as well.

To enhance the Beck Profibus PA experience, Beck offers an EDD (Enhanced Device Description). The EDD is a file that provides a web-like diagnostic and configuration interface to the Beck device. It greatly simplifies setup, configuration and diagnostics of the actuator. Beck is proud to be the first manufacturer to achieve Profibus International certification of an EDD file.

Profibus capable Beck actuators retain the many features and excellent performance associated with the original DCM. Click on Profibus PA or EDD to learn more about the technologies. For more information on the Beck Profibus option, please contact a Beck application or sales engineer.

Power Insider Magazine


Actuator Performance Significantly Impacts Boiler Control & Plant Performance.

Actuator Performance Significantly Impacts Boiler Control & Plant Performance.

Harold Beck & Sons, Incorporated has been manufacturing electric actuators since 1936. The unique design of Beck actuators has made them a standard for modulating damper and valve applications… Read on at Actuator Performance on Boiler Control

Beck Plant Expansion


July 2012

Harold Beck & Sons Inc., manufacturer of Beck electric actuators for industrial control valves and dampers, recently completed a 24,000-square-foot expansion to its facility. As global demand for high quality actuators has increased, Beck has grown its sales and support network, and invested in more capacity and manufacturing efficiency.

In keeping with the company’s 76 year tradition of centralized manufacturing, Beck electric actuators are built exclusively at its U.S. factory. Combining design, manufacturing, and distribution in one location provides the shortest path from concept to execution. Daily communication between all company disciplines result in rapid implementation of ideas and improvements, and high level of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

The new expansion increases the size of Beck’s manufacturing floor by 55%, and lays the foundation for additional machining centers and robotics. It also includes a fully equipped training facility, semi-automated storage system, and state-of-the-art ESD room.

Doug Beck, President & CEO of Harold Beck & Sons Inc., says his primary objective for the expansion was to leverage Beck’s craftsman tradition with modern factory automation and lean processes to produce unparalleled quality, and value for the customer. The larger facility will allow BECK to meet growing demand in an efficient, timely manner.