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CONTROL ELECTRONICS – Group 42 Linear Actuators

Group 42 Beck drives offer the benefit of a total control package, utilizing reliable electronics to match the speed and precision of your process instrumentation.

Standard Group 42 modulating drives (control option 9) are equipped with Beck’s Digital Control Module (DCM-2), which controls the position of the drive according to the input signal it receives. A position feedback signal is delivered to the DCM from the position sensing device (Beck’s Contactless Position Sensor (CPS-4)).

This signal is continuously compared to the demand input signal. A change in the input signal results in an immediate repositioning of the drive to balance the two signals.

Factory Calibration

All Beck drives are set-up and calibrated to the customer specification. No electrical adjustments are required before installation.

Additional features available on Beck control electronics

  • Pre-Determined Action Upon Loss of Input Signal
  • Stall Protection
  • Split Signal Operation for Control of Multiple Drives
  • Temperature Sensing with Alarm

Digital Control Module (DCM-3)
(used on model 42-109)

Electronics Used on Control Option 9

Beck’s DCM-2 provides modulating control in response to standard control system signals.

Notable features include:

  • Convenient user interface for calibration and drive status.
  • HART® compatibility.
  • Compatible with common asset management systems.
  • Receives control signals directly, eliminating the need for contact protection devices, relays, switches and reversing starters.
  • Designed to operate continuously at temperatures from -40º F to 185º F (-40° to 85° C).
  • Initiates shaft movement in steps ranging from 0.10% to 0.25% of span, depending on the timing of the gear train.

Contactless Position Sensor (CPS)
(used on model 42-109)

Beck’s patented CPS technology has been providing reliable control feedback with infinite resolution in our products for many years.

  • Utilizes a unique ferrite magnetic design with no contacting or wiping surfaces to wear or intermittently lose contact.
  • The ferrite rotor is driven directly by the output shaft through anti-backlash gearing.
  • A 4–20 mA position feedback signal is available for remote indication.

42-107 Control Module

Electronics Used on Control Option 7

The 42-107 electronics package has a 4-20 mA modulating control board with position feedback.

The 42-107 has time-proven analog electronics on-board for simple, reliable, no-frills positioning and feedback of the drive.

A stall alarm contact and two auxiliary limit switches for position indication are integral features for the model 42-107.

Electronics Used on Control Option 5

The 42-105 is equipped with similar analog electronics to the 42-107, but requires 120 VAC pulsed control instead of 4-20 mA. It allows direct AC control of the drive’s motor for either PAT type modulation or simple multi-position control. The 42-105 provides a 4-20 mA position feedback and is equipped with two auxiliary limit switches for position indication.

Electronics Used on Control Option 3

The 42-103 is intended for simple open/close operation. Direct AC to the motor will drive the unit to it fully open or fully closed position. Limit switches at each end of travel will stop the drive and may also be used for external signaling.

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