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Drop-in Replacement for 3-Phase Actuators

Drop-in Replacement for 3-Phase Actuators


Group 11 control valve actuators and damper drives are now offered with an integral transformer for 208, 380, 415, 480, or 575 VAC power.

Beck drives are designed for high efficiency and only require a single phase 120 VAC operating voltage.

Although many control and power consumption benefits can be realized from using 120 VAC power, when replacing a typical electric actuator with a Beck drive 120 VAC power is not always available at the site. Additional labor time and installation costs could be incurred if new power wiring must be run.

The Beck introduction of the new integral transformer option eliminates those potential installation costs. Retrofitting a Group 11 Beck drive into an existing electric actuator application is now a true drop-in installation even if the existing actuator uses 3-phase power source.

Contact Beck for different voltage requirements.