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ELECTRICAL FEATURES – Group 31 Compact Rotary Actuators

Limit & Auxiliary Switches

Group 31 compact rotary actuator control modules include four cam-operated switches. Two switches open the motor circuit and function as end-of-travel limit switches, and two auxiliary switches are for external signaling as required by the user. The switch cams are driven directly by the drive’s output shaft for accurate control.

Holds Position Upon Loss
of AC Power

All Group 31 drives stay in place on loss of AC power, with a minimum holding capacity of 150% of rated drive torque. When power is restored, the drive automatically responds to control signal input to move to the position specified.

Electric Handswitch

Convenient Local Operation – Included in the Analog Modulating models is an integral electric Handswitch, which permits safe, local operation at the valve’s individual location. This feature saves time during installation and allows adjustments to be made quickly and easily.

Large Terminal Block for
Easy Field Wiring

The upper board on the Group 31 drive provides wiring terminals for field connection. This board is easily accessible to minimize time needed for installation wiring and testing.