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Electrical Features – Group 57 Actuators


DC Operating voltage:
12-48 Vdc

The standard Group 57 actuator is well suited for operation in remote locations via DC voltage. When AC operating voltage is preferred, the Group 57 is also available for various AC voltages both single and three phase.”

Built-in Electric
“Fail-safe” Capability

The optional internal backup power uses ultra-capacitor technology to deliver back up power to drive the actuator open or closed in the event that normal power is lost.

Beck Drive Motor:
Precise, Reliable Control

Together with Beck’s control electronics and rugged gear train, Beck motors provide the precise, reliable positioning required for modern control loops.

  • Never overheats or burns out, even under demanding modulating control or stalled conditions.
  • Starts and stops instantly, eliminating deadtime.
  • Provides extremely accurate positioning in modulating applications.
  • Will not coast or overshoot the desired position.
  • Low power consumption, results in unmatched efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free.

Electric Handswitch:
Time-Saving Local Operation

Valves may be operated at their individual locations with the built-in electric Handswitch. This saves time during installation and troubleshooting, allowing on-line adjustments to be made quickly and easily by bypassing the control system.

Auxiliary and Over-travel
Limit Switches

Two over-travel limit switches and up to four auxiliary switches are provided on Beck drives.

  • Field-adjustable to operate at any point in the actuator’s travel range.
  • May initiate secondary functions or provide remote indication of actuator position.
  • Eliminates unreliable and maintenance-intensive proximity switches.