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GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS – Group 14 Linear Valve Actuators

Modulating Control

  Digital Control Module (DCM) Electronic Signal Receiver (ESR) Direct AC
Input Signal Options See Control
Option 9
See Control
Option 7 & 8
Adjustability for Split Range Operation 4 to 1 2 to 1 N/A
Deadband 0.6% of span (configurable) 0.6% of span N/A
Minimum Step 0.1% typical 0.15% typical 0.1° function of control
system capabilities
Feedback Options See Control
Option 9
See Control
Option 7 & 8
See Control
Option 5 & 6
Stall Protection (Protects drive and driven elements under stall conditions) Standard. Integral to electronics. Time to stall is configurable from 300 seconds down to 30 seconds. Optional. Requires a Stall Protection Module (SPM) to shut off power to the motor.

Note: If Hazardous classification ratings are required, please review the Group 29 linear globe valve actuator for use on your application —contact a Beck Sales or Application Engineer for details.


Input Power

120 V ac, single-phase
240 V ac, single-phase


Operating Conditions

-40° to 85° C. (-40° to 185° F.), 0% to 99% relative humidity



Demand Input and Position Feedback signals are isolated from the ground and the ac power line.

Action on Loss of Power

Stays in place.


Action on Loss of Input Signal
(Power On)

Stays in place or, on some drives, is field configurable to move to any preset position.


Limit Switches

Two SPDT switches (one for each direction of travel) provide over-travel protection.

Auxiliary Switches

Up to four 6 A, 120 V ac switches available. Switches are labeled S1 to S4 and are cam-operated and field-adjustable.



Permits local electrical operation, independent of controller signal. Standard on all units. An optional auxiliary contact can be used to indicate that the Handswitch is in “AUTO” mode or to sound an alarm if it is taken out of “AUTO”.