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General Specifications – Group 75

Input Power
120 V ac, single-phase
50 or 60 Hz

Control Types
Modulating with Digital Control Module (DCM)
Modulating direct AC motor control with CPS or Film Potentiometer
2 position (open/close) control

Input and Feedback Signals
4-20 mA (1-5 Vdc input is possible with Option 9 actuators)

Available Communication Protocols
Option 9 actuators may be equipped with HART or Fieldbus Foundation technology

Minimum Step Size (Modulating Control)
DCM — 0.10% (0.15% typical)(configurable)
Direct AC — 0.1° (function of control system capabilities)

Demand Input and Position Feedback signals are isolated from the ground and the ac power line.

Operating Conditions
-20° to 85° C. (-4° to 185° F.) – Standard
-20° to 120° C. (-4° to 248° F.) – Optional (High Temperature)
-50° to 85° C. (-58° to 185° F.) – Optional (Low Temperature)

Mounting Orientation
Any orientation – no limitations

Action on Loss of Power
Stays in place.

Action on Loss of Input Signal
(Power On)

Stays in place or, on some drives, is field configurable to move to any preset position.

Overtravel Limit Switches (Dedicated)
Two form C switches provide overtravel protection (option 9) or end-of-travel limits (Option 6, 5, 3).

Auxiliary Switches (non-dedicated)
Up to four 3 A, 120 V ac switches available. Switches are cam-operated and field-adjustable.

Permits local electrical operation, independent of controller signal. Standard on all units. An optional auxiliary contact can be used to indicate that the Handswitch is in “AUTO” mode or to sound an alarm if it is taken out of “AUTO”.

Provides manual operation without electrical power.

Mechanical Stops
Prevent overtravel during automatic or manual operation.

Stall Protection
On DCM equipped units, protects actuator and driven elements under stall conditions. Time to stall is configurable from 30 to 300 seconds.

Precision-machined, aluminum alloy castings painted with corrosion-resistant polyurethane paint provide a rugged, dust-tight weatherproof enclosure. Designed to meet Type 4X and IP68 (3 meters/48 hours).