The optional LED display board (p/n 22-5008-49) for open/close and AC-pulsed Group 11 Beck actuators (control option 3 through 6) provides lighted color indication of the actuator output position. The board resides in the same location (the electronics compartment) as that of the optional DCM display board available with 4–20 mA modulating actuators (control option 9). The same compartment cover with a tempered glass window is used with all versions. This display board includes a red, green and yellow LED to indicate the actuator output position. The lights are driven by 120 V ac actuator power and are energized using the actuator’s internal auxiliary switches.

The red and green LEDs, which are intended to indicate OPEN and CLOSE ends-of-travel are easily set up by connecting jumpers on the actuator’s terminal block (see the brochure for typical wiring). The yellow LED will light whenever both the red or green LED are not lit (when the actuator is not at either end-of-travel limit). If desired, the yellow LED may be turned off with a slide switch located on the board.


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