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MECHANICAL FEATURES – Group 31 Compact Rotary Actuators

Motor and Drive Train

g31_rotary_actuators_mechanicalBeck’s Group 31 compact rotary actuators incorporate an exclusive no burnout motor, so that on-line dependability of valves is ensured. Heat-treated alloy steel and ductile iron hypocycloidal gearing transmits torque smoothly and powerfully to the output shaft. The Beck-built control motor provides millisecond response to signal commands in a modulating control loop—eliminating the coasting and overshooting problems typical of outdated electric actuators.

The motor stator of the Group 31 drive is molded into the centerpiece, providing stable delivery of torque without overheating and without burning out.

Mechanical Stops Protection from Overtravel Damage

Rugged mechanical stops are furnished as a standard component of the valve mounting assembly. These stops prevent over-travel damage to valves and limit drive travel during manual cycling to maintain proper orientation of the drive output shaft with respect to switches and controls. A built-in position indicator shows the valve position.

Manual Handwheel for Convenient Local Operation

A manual Handwheel is standard on all Group 31 models for use during installation and testing, or during power outages. This Handwheel does not require a declutch mechanism for operation and does not rotate during automatic operation.