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Mechanical Features – Group 57 Actuators

Drive Train: Durable
and Efficient

Beck’s durable gear train maintains accurate, consistent control element positioning even under the demanding conditions of an active control loop.
  • Gear trains employ a unique, all spur gear construction of heat-treated alloy steels and ductile iron.
  • Efficient, wide-face gearing virtually eliminates wear-induced backlash and positioning inaccuracies.
  • Durable design provides up to 4 days of protection against intermittent or extended accidental stalls.
  • Integral self-locking mechanism ensures that the actuator holds a load with the motor de-energized.

Housing: Superior Protection with
Convenient Access to Components

Cover Removal
Threaded Top Cover

The Group 57 valve actuators feature a cast aluminum body with individual electronics and terminal compartments to protect components from moisture and dirt, and allow easy access for installation and calibration.

  • Class 1, Div 1, Groups B, C, & D Hazardous Location Rating
  • The rugged, dust-tight, weatherproof cast aluminum enclosure is rated NEMA 4X, IP66, IP68 @ 3m.
  • Individual compartments protect all major components: Motor, DCM, CPS, gear train and installation wiring terminal board.

Manual Operation: Manual Handcrank

An easy-to-turn handcrank is incorporated into the Group 57 design to allow manual operation during installation or power outages.
  • Move valves to any position smoothly and easily without power, even under full load conditions.
  • Mechanical stops in housing prevent manual overtravel.

Mounting Versatility:
Mount in any Orientation for Greater Installation Flexibility

Group 57 Beck drives are designed to be mounted in any convenient position. The no oil bath design eliminates the potential for leaks.

As long as housing compartments remain accessible, there are no mounting orientation limits.