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The Beck Actuator Digital Electronics

Beck’s standard modulating equipment (referred to as control option 9 on most models), utilizes a microprocessor based Digital Control Module board called the DCM-3. The DCM-3 is Beck’s third generation Digital Control Module. As with the original DCM, it provides onboard, precision, modulating control of Beck drives. It is completely interchangeable with the original, but is based on a faster, more powerful microprocessor. As such, the DCM-3 maintains all the original design features while adding a variety of new features and functions.

the features of the DCM-3 include …

  • Directly accepts 4-20 mA or 1-5 V Demand signals.
  • Operates at temperatures -40°F to 185°F.
  • Provides repeatable positioning control to 0.1% of span.
  • Fast, easy setup and calibration without mechanical adjustments.
  • Simplified troubleshooting with comprehensive diagnostics available.
  • Compatibility with asset management systems.
  • HART communications capability.
  • Drive diagnostics and operating statistics via HART or serial interface.
  • Local pushbutton/LED interface for quick setup and error checking without the need for external interfaces or devices.
  • Drive configuration and calibration are restorable to as-built factory setting.
  • Drive position feedback, temperature and optional torque/thrust output are available digitally via HART protocol.
  • Configurable drive stall protection.
  • Optional live torque/thrust measurement.
  • Advanced positioning algorithm for even more precise drive control.
  • Configurable 20-segment Demand signal characterizer allows the user to fit their own curve profile.
  • Feedback inverse characterization to match the position feedback to characterized Demand, if desired.
  • 10-segment peak torque profile for drive output trending and final control element diagnostics.
  • Alarm masking for terminal “E” allows the user to pick and choose what status condition or conditions provide an external alarm.
  • Configurable alarm power mode at Terminal “E” allows the user to select normally energized or deenergized alarming.
  • Calibration/configuration in engineering units makes it possible to clone and save calibration information.

The DCM-3 is a direct replacement for the original DCM and DCM-2. All control option 9 drives (Groups 11, 14, 29, 42 & 75) built after July 2016 are equipped with the DCM-3. It has identical overall dimensions and utilizes the same mounting points and connections as the original DCM and DCM-2; therefore, it requires no mechanical or electrical drive modifications. In addition to being the standard board in all new factory-built Beck drives, the DCM-3 is a direct, plug-in replacement for the original DCM and DCM-2 in older drives.