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Thermal Insulation Barriers

Applications are subject to conductive heat transfer when the feet of a Beck Group 11 or Group 22 actuator are mounted to a hot surface. In such a case Beck may recommend the use of a thermal insulation barrier to minimize the heat transfer into the actuator by eliminating the direct contact between the actuator feet and the mounting surface. Beck offers thermal insulation barrier kits comprised of a rectangular thermal insulation barrier with the appropriate drill pattern for each model actuator and four thermal insulation washers. The barrier is a 3/16″ thick Micarta-type material that is placed under the feet of the actuator and applied directly to the mounting surface. A thermal insulation washer is placed on top of each foot to eliminate the mounting bolt from providing a conductive heat path. The installation example diagram below provides a cutaway view of a typical application of the thermal insulation barrier. You can select the appropriate kit for your actuator model by referencing the chart below. Download the cutsheet for dimensional information on each kit.

Actuator Model Number Kit Part Number Barrier Part Number
11-150 20-3240-03 14-7891-03
11-200, 11-300 20-3240-04 14-7891-04
11-400 20-3240-01 14-7891-01
11-430 20-3240-02 14-7891-02
22-300, 22-400 20-3240-05 14-7891-05
22-800 20-3240-06 14-7891-06

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