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Beck is a Plant-wide Solution for Both Modulating and Open / Close Applications

Valves and dampers in today’s water treatment plants require dependable and precise positioning control. However, high duty cycle requirement, humidity, and harsh weather often cause typical electric actuators to be unreliable or to fail prematurely. For over 40 years, Beck has supplied the municipal and industrial water treatment industry with rugged, dependable actuators for modulating and fixed position control. The unique design of Beck actuators eliminates the problems associated with other electric actuators. Troublesome thermal overloads and torque limiting switches are not needed because the motor never overheats or burns out. Worm gears are also not used because they are inefficient and wear quickly. And since the gear train does not require an oil bath, Beck actuators can be mounted in any position, providing total installation flexibility. Beck actuators do not require regular maintenance, so downtime and operating costs are greatly reduced. Most importantly, Beck actuator performance remains consistent over years of service, delivering control as accurate and dependable as when first installed. Actuator durability, factory-direct support, ease of installation, and robust design make Beck the best choice for water and wastewater actuation processes.

Beck actuator applications in water and wastewater treatment plants include:

  • Filter flow control valves
  • Filter backwash valves
  • Primary effluent valves
  • Wash water return valves
  • Aeration blower inlet vanes
  • Air distribution header valves
  • Chemical addition valves
  • Return activated sludge valves
  • Sludge valves
  • Incinerator exhaust gas dampers
  • Incinerator fan dampers
  • Weir Scum Trough
  • Fluid and magnetic adjustable speed couplings


The Beck Motor: 100% Availability

Beck’s unique motor design makes the precise, reliable performance of the actuators possible. This no burnout motor ensures that the actuator is available 100% of the time. There are no duty cycle limitations typical of most electric actuators, so the actuator performs as the loop requires rather than the loop performing as the actuator permits.


The Beck Motor:


  • Reaches full speed and torque in milliseconds and stops in milliseconds, eliminating dead time.
  • Provides extremely accurate and repeatable positioning for modulating applications.
  • Will not coast or overshoot the desired position.
  • Draws low current (0.16 A to 3.0 A). The low power consumption permits easy use with uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Uses double-lipped, grease-sealed bearings for maintenance-free operation.
  • And . . .Never overheats or burns-out; even under demanding modulating control or stalled conditions.


Digital Electronics: Repeatable Control, Simple Operation, and Diagnostic Capabilities

Our field-proven electronics provide excellent position control in response to modulating control signals. This maximizes control loop performance by ensuring that the actuator responds exactly as the control loop requires.

The DCM-3 is equipped with a local interface panel for pushbutton calibration functions without the need for external devices or software. LED diagnostic lights display a number of status conditions.

The DCM-3 is also equipped with a HART® communications interface to provide bidirectional digital communications over the existing analog demand wiring—providing access to the added functions and information without interfering with control or requiring new wiring. Communications can be established either remotely or locally using any standard HART®-based communication tool and is compatible with common asset management systems. Optionally, the DCM can be equipped with Foundation Fieldbus® or Profibus PA® communication capability.

Beck’s Contactless Position Sensor (CPS) also resides within the actuator, and provides reliable internal position feedback to the DCM for position control. The DCM also uses the sensor signal to source a 4–20 mA external position signal for remote monitoring of actuator position. Unlike typical position sensors, the CPS does not wear due to its contactless design.

Limit Switches

Over-travel Limit Switches

features-limit-switchesBeck actuators include heavy-duty, single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch mechanisms for electrical over-travel protection. Switch cams will not slip because each is mounted to the shaft by an integral, tangential clamping means—with no set screws to mar the shaft.

Every actuator is equipped with two over-travel limit switches. Optionally, actuators can be equipped with up to four auxiliary switches that can be set to operate at any desired point of actuator travel, thus providing discrete inputs for control or indication.

Common throughout most Beck actuator models, the SPDT switches provide the following:

  • A maximum rating of 6 A at 120 V ac (three times the maximum motor current for most models) to ensure long life.
  • Auxiliary switches are field-adjustable with infinite positioning throughout the actuator’s travel range.
  • May initiate secondary functions or provide remote indication of actuator position.

Drive Train

Drive Train: Power and Durability

drive-trainBeck’s durable gear train maintains accurate, consistent positioning even under the demanding conditions of an active control loop.

    • Gear trains employ a unique, all spur gear construction using only heat-treated alloy steels and ductile iron.
    • Efficient, wide-faced spur gears ensure long life and eliminate wear-induced backlash and positioning inaccuracies common in worm gear and “Scotch-yoke” designs.
    • Integral self-locking mechanism ensures that actuators hold a minimum of 200% of rated torque with the motor de-energized.
    • Durable design provides up to 4 days of protection against intermittent or extended accidental stalls.
  • Stall protection is provided by the DCM. If the motor tries to run in one direction for more than 300 seconds, the DCM-2 will shut off power to the motor and a status indication LED will activate indicating a stall.

Local Manual Control

Local Manual Control

All Beck actuators are built with local positioning capabilities. An electric Handswitch allows electrical local operation of the actuator, while a convenient Handwheel, or Handcrank on some high torque actuators, allows manual positioning of the actuator output shaft without electric power.



The electric Handswitch allows the actuator to be positioned locally and is very useful for the initial setup of the actuator and linkage. It also serves as a diagnostic tool or a backup control device in the event the loop controller or demand signal malfunctions.



Even in the absence of power, and with full load applied, the actuator output shaft can be manually positioned using the easy-to-turn, spoke-free Handwheel. No clutch mechanism is required and mechanical stops protect against manual overtravel.


Housing: Superior Protection and Convenient Access to Components

features-actuator-cutawayBeck actuators feature a cast aluminum body with individual compartments to protect components from moisture and dirt, and allow easy access for installation and calibration.

  • Precision-machined aluminum alloy castings with corrosion-resistant polyurethane paint provide a rugged, dust-tight, weatherproof Type 4X enclosure.
  • Individual compartments protect all major components: Motor, DCM-2, CPS, gear train and installation wiring terminal board.
  • Gasketed covers provide extra protection for abusive indoor environments and harsh outdoor climates.
  • Each compartment can be accessed without exposing other components to the environment.
  • Output and Handwheel shafts are sealed with weatherproof, double-lip cartridge seals.


features-linkageThe unique design of the crank arm allows infinite position adjustment to simplify installation. Engineered linkage kits are available to complete the connection from the crank arm to the damper. Once the connection is made, the linkage length may be adjusted, simplifying the final mechanical calibration. Also, Beck rod ends incorporate a bearing to compensate for some lateral misalignment.

features-link-assistBeck’s Link-Assist™ program provides a printout showing the optimum actuator and linkage configuration for the application. The linkage arrangement can be characterized to match the torque profile of the application. Request this free service to save time, simplify installation and ensure the best performance at the lowest possible cost.