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Beck Electric Actuators

Rotary Actuators

Group 11 Rotary Damper Drives & Actuators

Beck drives and rotary actuators are a benchmark in industrial control damper and valve actuation.

Group 57 Rotary Valve Actuator

1/4-Turn valve actuator for Class I, Div 1 Hazardous locations, AC or DC Powered with on-board "Fail-safe" backup power

Group 22 Rotary Damper Drives

Our damper drives offer excellent performance in a maintenance-free design.

Group 75 Compact Rotary Actuators

Beck's compact rotary actuator is an evolutionary design that combines the performance, reliability and control advantages of beck actuators with an extremely efficient and flexible form factor.

Group 31 Quarter-Turn Compact Rotary Actuators

Group 31 compact valve actuators are designed for coupling to small quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves.

Linear Actuators

Group 42 Linear Actuators

A versatile, compact design, advanced electronics, and Beck reliability all highlight the new Group 42 linear actuator.

Group 29 Linear Valve Actuators

A versatile, compact design, advanced HART®-capable electronics, hazardous location ratings, and Beck reliability all highlight the new Group 29 linear valve actuator.

Group 14 Linear Valve Actuators

Group 14 linear valve actuators combine the benefits of precise, responsive modulation and tight shutoff for exceptional performance in globe valve applications.