Harold Beck and Sons

Beck damper drives and valve actuators have a well-earned reputation for superior control, high reliability, and outstanding low-maintenance durability. Over decades of service and across a variety of challenging industries, the world’s leading companies have relied on Beck. Our products are engineered to the high performance standards of today’s sophisticated control instrumentation:

•Unique Motor Design: 100% Availability
•Housing: Superior Protection and Convenient Access to Components
•Durable Gear Train: High Accuracy Even Under Demanding Conditions

In addition to best-in-class products, the Beck team is known for their commitment to providing thorough personal service, knowledgeable technical assistance, and timely parts support for the life of the drives.

Beck’s products are designed for reliable, responsive control in modulating and open/close applications. Across the product line, Beck damper drives and valve actuators share the unique features that account for Beck’s unparalleled on-line performance.

Manufacturing Valve Actuators Since 1936