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CONTROL OPTIONS – Group 22 Rotary Actuators

Beck Group 22 rotary actuators are equipped with a comprehensive set of control electronics that allow you to position the drive with an analog signal or through contact-closure operation using the control override inputs. These units are also equipped with position feedback, torque sensing, a system alarm contact, and handswitch auto indication. This compilation of features is available in a single control option, control option 9. The resultant Group 22 rotary actuators will be model numbers 22-309, 22-409, or 22-809 only.

Control Option 9 – Typical Arrangement


CONTROL OPTION 9 – The modulating drive offering for the group 22 rotary actuator is the control option 9. Control option 9 units are equipped with the Beck DCM (Digital Control Module) and CPS (Contactless Position Sensor). The option 9 drives may be controlled with a 4-20 mA or 1-5Vdc signal and have an integral 4-20 mA position feedback signal. The microprocessor based DCM electronics packages provide a multitude of flexibility for setup, calibration, and diagnostics.