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Valve Mounting Hardware — Direct Couple

11-160-cutawayBeck offers valve mounting hardware engineered to connect your Beck actuator to virtually any rotary valve. In addition to bracket & linkage arrangements, Beck also offers direct-coupled mounting hardware designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure trouble-free installation in a compact package.

Beck’s direct-coupled mounting hardware utilizes a heavy-duty machined bracket and rigid metal compression coupling. The machined heavy-duty bracket provides a strong, non-flexing base to maintain proper shaft alignment and support the actuator without imparting undue loading on the valve stem. The rigid metal coupling clamps directly onto the Beck output shaft and valve stem without the use of pins, keyways, or splines. This design provides a non-wearing, zero-backlash connection between the Beck actuator and the rotary valve.

Beck’s direct-coupled hardware comes complete with all fasteners and accessories needed for field mounting. A complete component listing and detailed step-by-step instructions tailored specifically to each valve are provided to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation.

Beck also offers turn-key control valve solutions, from valve selection and sizing, to factory mounting of valves supplied by the customer or purchased by Beck.

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  • direct-couple-11-160-butterfly-valve
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  • direct-couple-11e-360-ball
  • direct-couple-31-ball-valve