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MECHANICAL FEATURES – Group 29 Linear Valve Actuators

Gear Train


The Group 29 linear globe valve actuator utilizes a high-efficiency gear train designed for performance, long life, and minimal wear. It consists of a combination of precision-cut alloy steel and ductile iron spur gears and a precision ball screw. Beck Spur gears are exclusively made at our factory to ensure the high quality demanded of the Group 29 products.

Manual Operation

Group 29 linear valve drives can be manually operated, without power, by a Handwheel directly connected to the drive motor shaft. This allows positioning of the valve in the absence of AC power.


Group 29 linear valve drives are equipped with a Tight-Seater™ device that ensures the valve is positively seated at the closed position.

Self-Locking Mechanism (SLM)

A self-locking mechanism is an integral part of the Group 29 linear valve drive system. The SLM is a coupling that transmits motor torque to the gear train, but instantly locks in place when the motor is de-energized. This prevents back-driveing due to dynamic valve load.